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Providing quality initiatives and services to professionals, parents, and children – we place children at the center of our support model. Our services range from professional development and online learning tools to programs for parents and early learning care for children.

We are an organisation dedicated to improving developmental outcomes for all children.

What We Offer

Early Education & Care

We provide parents and carers with a range of options to help support their individual family needs. From exemplary Education and Care Services through to parent support programs, we aim to ensure that all children are provided with the best possible start in life.

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Quality service delivery in education requires a commitment to continuous improvement. With an expert professional development program from Child Australia your staff will benefit from our training expertise and knowledge and will be motivated to learn more.

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Our team of highly qualified consultants can assist you in establishing, building and operating a service, as well as helping with practice support in all areas of the National Quality Standard.

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