The COVID Management Support Package

Are you overwhelmed with the ever-changing requirements of Covid in terms of up-to-date documentation and knowing the best approach to take? Child Australia is here to support the sector in streamlining the current requirements into a simple step-by-step proactive action plan for service leaders and committees.

Cost : $2,900

The COVID management support package includes:

Kick-off and training meetings

Service Leaders and Committee Chairs meet with a Professional Practice Consultant to run through current Covid mitigation practices including current policies/action plans and strategies adopted by the unique service. Meetings may be conducted face to face or virtually via Microsoft TEAMS/Zoom.

Content Development

Your assigned Professional Practice consultant will spend several days developing individual Covid action plans including a clear concise management plan, a compilation of communication templates to be sent to families and staff. A step-by-step traffic light system to identify where the service is currently sitting and the steps to take should the service move into amber or red alert. This traffic light system will be saved onto a USB for the service with different clickable links to communications/current state requirements/ information from WA health. This allows complete ease of access for Service Leaders and Committees.

Roll out training

Your assigned Professional Practice consultant, together with the Service Leader and Committee Chair will come together again either face to face or virtually. During this 2-hour training session, your PPC (Professional Practice Consultant) will facilitate training on the developed content. This includes specific steps to roll out the Covid Management action plan. This in-depth training will slowly run through the action plan, with each clickable link and ensure Service Leaders and Committee Chairs can clearly understand and interpret each step/policy/piece of information.

2 x mentoring sessions to touch base post-implementation training

Your Professional Practice Consultant will touch base and book in x2 1 hour mentoring sessions post-implementation to ensure service leaders are feeling confident and run through any questions/support needed.


Each service’s content will include current legislative information and requirements as per the date of development. Service leaders and committee chairs are advised to keep the information up to date once handed over from your PPC.