Covid Support Webinar Series : Meeting Quality Area 1

$ 20.00


COVID-19: have you wondered… 

How do you plan, prepare, and engage everyone who accesses your service, whilst ensuring teams are safe? Amongst this also following government advice AND maintaining compliance? What happens when advice and resources are frequently changing? 

It is an overwhelming time for our sector. Where do you start?  

Child Australia brings you a mini-series of 4 webinars (45min) to help alleviate some of the anxieties and to provide some useful tips and tricks. 

Specifically addressing topics like Leadership, Families and caregivers, Supervision, and Meeting quality area 1 during COVID restrictions/outbreaks. 



Webinar 4: Meeting Quality Area 1 during Covid

Following on from our “Supervision during Covid changes” support webinar, the fourth of the series reflects upon QA1 Educational Program and Practice. Exploring the requirements of meeting the elements of this quality area, and how Covid may directly impact this. This webinar directly links to QA1 and will support Educators and Educational Leaders in fulfilling their roles.



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