Documentation Secrets for OSHC : On-Demand Webcast

$ 19.00


What would it feel like to have more time and more meaningful documentation? 

OSHC is difficult with shorter sessions and larger numbers of children; it is so much more than recording activity after activity. Find a clearer way to more efficient and authentic documentation. This webcast uncovers the many documentation myths of QA1. You also will learn about the real intent of the planning/learning cycle, as well as explore how evidence and knowledge informs planning, decision making and assessments.

Certificate of Competence awarded on completion of course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Essential requirements of QA1.
  • How sector practices and principles drive the curriculum.
  • How documentation fits into the cycle of planning.
  • Identifying the new trends of documenting.

Links to NQS: QA1, QA4, QA6 and QA7

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