Enabling Environments – Self Paced Course

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The Enabling Environments Online Self-paced Course aims to increase an awareness of professionalism and engaging interactions in regard to ethics, responsibilities and the Early childhood code of conduct.

Covered in this unit is how to critically analyse policy, practice and expectations of your service regarding the National quality framework, Australian Professional teaching standards and  Early years learning framework which affect families, educators and children. Using practical  strategies for proactive communication and relationships, students are encouraged to discuss and design inclusive enabling environments and develop and use risk assessment techniques.

Certificate of Achievement awarded on completion of course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To Increase an awareness of professionalism in relation to The Early Childhood code of conduct.
  • Critically analyse policy, practice and expectations of your service in regard to the National Quality Framework, Australian Teaching Standards and Early Years Learning Framework
  • Use practical  strategies for proactive communication and relationships
  • Discuss and design Inclusive enabling environments
  • Develop and use risk assessment techniques

Links to NQS: QA1, QA2, QA3, QA4, QA5, QA6 and QA7

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