Stepping up to the Challenge Consultation (face to face)

$ 200.00

Stepping up to the Challenge Consultations ($200 per hour)

This course has been designed to be delivered as a 6 part series, however we have made each individual part available for you to choose from to meet your specific needs. There is also the option to have the workshops tailored into consultancy visits. Please choose your desired option or contact us to discuss further if you would like the entire series to be delivered.

Part 1 – Leadership – $200/hour
In this workshop participants will reflect upon their own leadership style and develop an understanding of what it takes to be a truly inspirational leader

Part 2 – Financial Administration – $200/hour
Key to sustaining a financially viable service is effective financial administration.  This workshop illustrates the importance of maintaining accurate financial records, and describes how these records are collated into reports.  It offers practical opportunities for participants to analyse reports and begin developing an awareness of how report analysis can guide better informed financial decisions

Part 3 – Effective Time Management – $200/hour
In this session participants will identify a range of strategies that contribute to effective administration including time management, prioritising and delegation.  It provides practical approaches to time management to reduce stress and maximise productivity within the workplace.

Part 4 – Supporting Your Team – $200/hour
This workshop looks closely at effective communication and how it can be used to develop a positive, motivated professional team environment. Participants will collaborate and build their own skills as well as develop new practical strategies to help manage and resolve conflict within team environments

Part 5 – Meeting Legislative Requirements – $200/hour
This workshop aims to give participants a better understanding of the legislation that applies to ECEC settings through exploration using a practice based view.

Part 6 –  Maintaining a Professional Profile with Centre Clientele – $200/hour
In this workshop participants will consider how they communicate with centre clientele and how to encourage greater family involvement. They will also learn techniques to effectively handle complaints and how to use these complaints as a tool to improve their practice. This workshop will also focus on establishing on-going support networks for the participants.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the very unique differences between ‘management’ and ‘leadership’.
  • Interpret and challenge own leadership style
  • Develop strategies to lead your team by inspiring change
  • Reflect on your own communication techniques and learn new skills.
  • Time Management
  • Seeing legislation requirements as a useful too, become comfortable with finding the information you need and using it correctly.

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