Wellbeing in Action: On-Demand Webcast

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“Wellbeing” has evolved into a common term used throughout the world. But do we really know what is means to look after our wellbeing, especially during these uncertain times?

We spend so much time looking after others, we often leave our own cups empty. It’s important for wellbeing to start with ourselves, leaving us better equipped to support the wellbeing of others.

Designed for Educators currently in lockdown, this webcast will talk you through the importance of wellbeing and also consider wellbeing in action – practical tips to support your wellbeing while in lockdown.

Certificate of Competence awarded on completion of course. 

Learning Outcomes

  • What is health and wellbeing?
  • Work, life and lockdown fatigue
  • Five ways to wellbeing
  • How to look out for ourselves and each other

Links to NQS: QA5 and QA6

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